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I LOVE These Eye Drops!

I have chronic red eyes from allergies.. i have tried everything. These are the first eye drops that i can actually use DAILY and they work. Your eyes do not get addicted to the solution like you would with visine. Its so cooling and refreshing! wonderful product!

Victoria, Texas

Definitely Cool!

I have only tried this a few times, but it is definitely cool. It's makes my eyes sting just a bit, but then they feel better and less red. I will continue to use this product.


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I Can See Clearly!

This products works fast! I love the cooling sensation that it gives to my eyes.


Party On My Eyes

Very cool and refreshing feeling when putting these in


Orlando, FL


Freshkick™ Technology

Instantly cool irritated eyes.

Freshkick™ Technology delivers long-lasting comfort, instant cooling and soothing action to irritated eyes.

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